Who We Are

American Fishing Chamber is one of the top organizations that promotes productive fishing and aquarium services across the United States and represents the interests of those in the industry.

One of the critical roles of the organization are providing detailed leadership by addressing the needs of fish farmers and fishers in the state. American Fishing Chamber works in collaboration with various bodies and stakeholders that are interested in helping resolve issues affecting the industry. All the individuals involved in the farm play a significant role in helping make sound decisions both on science and hard evidence.

Our Focus

The primary focus of American Fishing Chamber is commercialized fishing, more specifically in the areas of agreement rather than areas of disagreement. Since the establishment of the organization, it has played a significant role in providing direct support to all the commercial fisheries working within the state. The entire body is dedicated to ensuring that the rights of the fish farmers and fishers are protected. American Fishing Chamber also encourages them to put more effort in the industry.

Since the establishment of the organization, it has helped in securing jobs for thousands of people across the state. They make use of all the available opportunities, ranging from fishing, pearling, and aquaculture, both directly and indirectly for the benefit of the American citizens. The industry has also made efforts to encourage fishers across the state to come together and work as a team to secure ownership of ports alongside establishing local associations.