American Fishing Chamber was formed after a close survey showed that more than 80 percent of the consumers of seafood do not catch their fish by themselves. They always rely on the commercial fishing sector, which provides them with the full range of seafood they need. However, people might still overlook the importance of this sector.

Without access to the fisheries and ports, the supply of seafood may easily dry up. There is, therefore, a great need to improve access to fishery resources and commercializing the sector to ensure all the needs of the fishermen are addressed. This can only be fulfilled through the initiation of a dedicated team such as American Fishing Chamber.

On another hand, seafood consumers have been increasing at an alarming rate. In the fisheries center, there is a lack of individuals that will ensure that the needs of both the fishers and customers are properly addressed. American Fishing Chamber, therefore, tries to address all these needs. And as a result, it is improving the status of American fisheries.

American Fishing Chamber aims to continue its service to the industry. With organizations such as this, it will be hard to monitor the status of the state’s fisheries and make sure that all people involved get the help they need.